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Get a real online job as a photographer !

Get a real online job as a photographer – Earn money with your pictures

If you have a great camera you can try to make money with your pics. You probably read about stock photography, and if you didn’t we’ll tell you now. All you have to do is apply some rules while taking the pictures you want to sell (like they shouldn’t show any brand), you need to take them using the best possible quality and another important characteristic is the resolution (dpi). You can gain money every time one of your photos is downloaded because interested parties pay to download them so they can use them in commercials, websites etc. The higher the resolution, the bigger the pay. Also, some interested parties will want to buy the pics and have exclusivity on using them, and so selling those photos pays more, but you won’t have the author rights anymore, and you will not be able to use it anymore. In time, you can even gain enough to live from this activity, and it costs you nothing to go ahead and try (that’s if you already have a good camera). Let’s take as an example They are a very serious web-site. To create an account you must send a scanned id, and after you are accepted, you can upload 10 pictures. Only if at least 7 of them are accepted you can continue to upload and own a full account.
Let’s analyze more stock photography websites, considered some of the most renowned sites out there, and they all accept pay by PayPal. ( ) pays between 30 cents and $2.50 for every of your pictures that gets downloaded. The more photos you upload, and the more they get downloaded, you can earn more. The site pays trough PayPal when you get to $100. You can also upload vector files (EPG).

Another web-site is Big Stock Photo ( ) that offers between 50 cents and $3 for every downloaded pic, and also the value of your pics increases as you upload more and more get approved. They accept lots of extensions : .jpg, .eps, .psd, .pdf, .png. The pay is made when you reach $50 trough a check, PayPal or Moneybookers.

Crestock ( ) pays 25 cents up to $3 for every of your downloaded pics, the value also increasing the more the photos get downloaded and the more pics you upload. The pay is made at $50 trough a check or PayPal.

Other websites : ,

This money-for-your-pics activity is recommended for those already passionate in photography and that own a decent camera. We also recommend to pay a lot of attention to the reason why a photo you upload is rejected so you can remedy that problem in the future.

So if you enjoy taking photos, and are looking for a real online job, go make some money. Have fun !

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