Friday, May 29, 2009

Get a Real Online Job as a Freelancer - Be your own BOSS

Make serious money working at home on projects of your own choosing!

How would you like to dictate what your salary will be? How about your salary and pay increases? Well this can happen if you’re an independent contractor and not an employee of some company. And that, is called a Freelancer !

Freelancers pretty much dictate how much they will earn. It’s not an employer that tells them what they’re worth! They also tend to have lots of opportunities available because there are many freelance websites that have new freelance projects posted daily.

A freelance website is like an e-bay for jobs. One of those sites is Elance. You can join Elance as an individual or as a business, for FREE, or for a subscription, going from $9.95 for individuals up to $39.95 for large companies, of course getting more advantages (like more jobs you can subscribe to, more skills you can display in your description etc.)the higher the subscription is. But don’t worry about that, you can earn quite enough with a FREE subscription, and as you gain more experience with the site it will be your decision if you change to a paid subscription or not. But let’s see how all this freelance business works.

People need projects done like Design and Multimedia, Web Design, Programming, Writing and Translation, Administrative Support, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Management, Legal, Engineering, Customer service, etc. So they visit a freelance site and post their project description, the requirements for the job, and the amount they are willing to pay for it. Then the people registered as freelancers are able to see the project and bid on how much they want to get the job done, and the time it would take for them to complete it. The project owners tend to be inclined to work with international freelancers, so people outside U.S. have some advantage. And that’s because they may be able to afford to work at lower prices than others because their cost of living may be cheaper in their home country than it is in the states. The freelance websites also have payment processes in place to ensure that no one gets screwed.

This is serious work, and by seriuos I mean thousands of jobs on Elance only, lots of them paying $500, $1000 and evem $5000 per project, so be sure that you bid on projects you are capable of doing, and that you can finish in the available timeframe. Try to do your best, so that you get good ratings and get more projects in the future. Working on projects is great, especially because you can choose your amount of time spent on them and the faster you get the job done the faster you can start doing another one. Working hard and finishing projects fast can get you a few hundred dollars in just a few days! So it is YOU that choose how much you will be paid this month! So let’s stop wasting time and get those money you were searching for when you got our Real Online Jobs Project!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Get a Real Online Job with BitWine - Advice for money

Ready for another of our great Real Online Jobs ?

Are you good at giving advice? Do you always know better ? :) Or are you just good at something? Well whatever the answer is, there are for SURE a lot of people that know less than you in at least some fields. How about making a buck helping others do what you already know how to? Sounds good? Read ahead then.
On BitWine you can be paid to give advice. There is a huge list of domains in which you can be an advisor. The first step to is to click Register, then Join as an Advisor, and choose from that huge domain list I told you about, 3 of your preferate, the ones you feel you are good enough in to give advice to others. From Nutrition and Fitness to Computers, Business and Finance, Health, Medicine, Religion, almost any field you can think of is available. That’s why it’s impossible not to find a few domains you are at least good if not great at. Next, fill in your service description, and do it carefully because it can determine if people choose you or not. A good description will attract more customers. The next step is downloading a software application like a messenger which allows your future clients to connect with you. Then your done.

The best part is, that you can CHOOSE how much you get paid for your advice. Go to your profile and choose the price per minute of your sessions. I would advise to enter a decent price, especially being new on the site and not having a rating yet. The more Excellent or Satisfactory votes you get, the more you can increase your price, or why not, keep it low to have lots of customers. I think you should stick to your low price until your allocated personal time for this service gets full. In simple words, if you want to do this 2 hours a day at a price of 0.50$ per minute, and you have customers for the whole 2 hours, either you increase your daily time to increase the amount of calls you get, either you increase your price. No sense in working at 0.50$ per minute if your customers are willing to pay 2$ :) . But at the beginning just stick to a low price to get a name for yourself.

Can you make money with this Real Online Job ? Well let’s do the math. At 0.50$ per minute (which is a great price to start with, considering most people have prices of 2-2.5$) you get 0.50x60minutes=30$ per hour. I bet that’s more than you earn right now even if you do have a job! Of course, at start you won't have non stop customers, maybe even 1-2 per day, or even some days with none, but when you do, give good advice, be friendly, be nice, and you will get good votes. And getting good votes gets you more customers. Remember the old business saying “1 satisfied customer gets you 10 more customers” ? Well it’s true. For example if I need advice and find someone really good in a field, and that someone helps me with my problem, I will definitely tell my friends about it, and when they have a problem in the same field I guarantee you that they will go to the same person for advice. Why? Because that someone is already tested and proven to give good results.

Don’t go too low on your price. That has a negative effect on people. A very low price tells them you are not confident on your knowledge and abilities, and if YOU don’t consider yourself good enough to give good advice, they certainly won’t pay for it. Eventually you can set up free promotional sessions, just to get some votes and rating. Then as I said I think 0.50$ is a good price to start with. Ok. Now if you did all this, all that remains is for someone to choose to get your advice and start making you money.

But enough talk! To join BitWine for FREE, Click HERE, then on the Picture, and chose Become An Advisor from the bottom of the page.

I hope that this article was of use to you, and that you will start making money as soon as possible, after all that’s why you are here.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get a Real Online Job with AssociatedContent

I was thinking to start this series of articles with something most of us can start doing right away considering you are already sick of searching for jobs online and you want to get to it already. So what better than creativity? Whoever we are and wherever we live, we all have hobbies and stuff we like doing, and because it's stuff we like we are probably preety good at it. So why not make money out of that?

That's where sites like AssociatedContent come in. Wether you would like writing articles about almost anything, or creating audio, video or slideshow files, just do it, upload it, and you will get paid. AssociatedContent offers payments of 1$ to 20$ for different types of content, plus Performance Payments that can rise your contet up to 75$ or even 100$ if it has more than 50 000 monthly page views. This is achievable, due to the size of the community and the size of the site. You can also take on Calls for Content and that means that someone has asked for something to be created, and that way you know for sure that your product is already wanted by someone. And, if you're out of ideeas, you could also check the popular searches, making sure you create in the fields that people are interested in.

The site means business, it's serious, the comunity is huge, they have forums and tutorials to help you make money with them, and also once you created content, it will not just bring you money on the spot but also over time as more and more people read and use your products.

And let's face it, if you can write e-mails or use the messenger all day you sure can write 6-7 articles a week (15-30min a day) with 400-500 words (that's like a page) on subjects that you like or love. And if you are really looking for a real online job, that means you want to work so you surely won't be passing the chance to make a few hundred dollars creating stuff that you like for 15-30 min a day.

Possible Problems :

The site is available for everyone everywhere, but there are some promotions that only U.S. Citizens can get into.

Do not cheat! If you just copy-paste articles found some place else, or steal movies or anything from other sites, there is a big chance that your content will be rejected and you will not get paid for it.

That being said, this is one of the easiest way to earn some money online, just try to create high quality stuff and your success is guaranteed.

To join AssociatedContent FREE click the banner below!
Join Associated Content

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Real Online Jobs

Welcome to Real Online Jobs !

By the time you got to this blog there is a 99% chance that you have already been assaulted in your search by tons of "How to win 4000$ per week" or similar "online success" books that ask you for money first. Maybe you even bought some. Maybe you even tried some of their methods (although they mostly teach the same thing just in different words). Did it work? Well, I guess you wouldn't be here if it did :) But anyway, the thing is that when looking for an online job, 99% of what you get is one of these 3 things : a site promoting a "success" book, a pay-per-click site (that will probably get you 10$ a month if you are lucky), and a pay-to-read-emails site (that will get you probably a little more than a pay-per-click campaign but not that much more).

Ok, you say, but I am not here for petty tips and tricks, or 3 clicks per day, I want a REAL ONLINE JOB so that I can work from home or somewhere else! Your reasons? Everyone has tons of them ! Why wouldn't you want to work from the confort of your home, with the freedom to choose your scheduale, without a screaming boss in your back, or, why not, working while getting a little sun at the beach or in the shade of that nice tree in your beautiful garden. No more traffic jams, no more smelly buses etc. Or maybe you just want an extra income.

Why is it so hard to find a decent online job when the internet is full of companies and stuff? Well simple. Because there are so many people that find selling you an ebook is easier than helping you to geat a real job. Therefore, they suffocate the search engines with their links, and when you search for a real online job you have a 1 in 1000 chance to find a site that offers you that.

We have all been there. We have all tasted the frustration of surfing hours and hours per day and never finding out how to make money online. Well that's what this blog is all about. Giving you a source for Real, Serious, Online Jobs. On a regular basis. For free. No catch.

To see our listed Real Online Jobs, look into the top right side of the page and choose your favourite job category.

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