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Get a Real Online Job as a Freelancer - Update

Later Update : More freelancer sites where you can get real online jobs!

Considering that in my previous post about freelance jobs I used as an example Elance , that allows you as a free subscriber to only take on 3 projects a month, I realized I should submit a list of a few more freelancer sites so that by combining the projects you find in all of these you can generate a nice monthly income for yourself. Some of them accept you for free, for others you need to pay, and some let you choose to be a free subscriber or a paid one. Either way, there are a lot to choose from for everyone’s taste. So here it goes.

Get a freelancer - This website is one of the biggest freelancing websites, and the system works like this : you go to the web-site, you create your account, and then at the lower part of the first page you choose one of the categories, one you think you can that suits you best. Under that category you will find projects, and freelancers like you select the task , make an offer of how much they want to be paid, and write something or give some examples of other projects they did, to convince the interested party that posted the project to choose them. For starters I recommend selecting easier projects so you can easily do them well, in order to get rated and so get choosen for tasks easier in the future. The site pays on time, it’s verified. The projects are mostly web design and programming but there are also some listings for other job types including data entry, support agents, virtual assistants, and more.

Some other sites :

Authentic Jobs

Contracted Work - projects include administrative, business, graphic design, multimedia, legal, web design & development, writing, and miscellaneous freelance projects.

Freelance Switch - has tasks in web design, web development, writing, illustration, flash, and miscellaneous projects.

Get a coder - programming and web design/development jobs make up the majority of listings. Also has graphic design, multimedia, marketing, writing, legal, and administrative support jobs.

Guru - offers the opportunity to market to a global audience with minimal costs. Innovative features, such as an online Video Profile, give Freelancers a cutting edge platform to highlight their skills and experience to attract new business and retain repeat customers.

IFreelance - Lots of projects available in categories like administrative support, graphic design, legal, marketing, advertising, programming, writing, editing, and translation.

O-desk - a rapidly growing global community of buyers and providers that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, oDesk is changing how the world works.

Project 4 Hire - tasks in web development, software programming, and graphic design projects, writing, multimedia, and services.

Rent a coder - software or coding related jobs. Other types of projects listed include graphic design, marketing, SEO, data entry, virtual assistant, and writing.

Scriptlance - Mostly freelance programming or web design tasks. Also marketing, data entry, writing, and other projects.

Writerlance - Freelance writing tasks like article writing, blog and forum posting, copywriting, press releases, e-books, instruction manuals, technical writing, etc.


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